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Our Team

Rachael McKee


Rachael entered the legal profession via a somewhat circuitous route in 2007, having previously been set on becoming a History Teacher. After 3 failed attempts to gain admission to teacher training she decided that it really was not for her and became a dedicated legal secretary. She was surprised to discover she actually enjoyed the work, finding it challenging and interesting and eventually agreed to undertake a Law Degree in 2002. Some 3 years later, she graduated from the University of Ulster with 1st Class Honours and an unpublishable amount of student debt. She gained admission to the Institute of Professional Legal Studies in 2005 and graduated with Distinction in 2007. She has been a solicitor since and can sum up the experience in one phrase – “it beats digging shucks”.


Rachael has extensive experience in all areas of general practice but is particularly interested in personal injury litigation, both County Court and High Court, and matrimonial and family cases. Her detractors would say it because she likes arguing with people, but she would say it is because she likes to help people, make the law understandable and manageable for clients and find new and novel solutions to problems we all face. She also has significant experience in Wills and administration of estates, which appeals to her methodical side and also allows her to help people deal with doing one of the most difficult things at the most difficult times of their lives – dealing with a loved one’s financial affairs whilst experiencing loss.


When Rachael is not working, she likes to attend pub quizzes, host dinner parties, travel and attend music festivals in a vain attempt to recapture her youth – basically all endeavours which work best accompanied by a glass or so of wine. 

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